Media responses to the Colour of Power project – an examination of the lack of BAME representation in the upper echelons of power in Britain.

Austerity is laying waste to progress on diversity at the top of local government (13/10 The Observer)

Let local government deliver May’s vision (12/10, The MJ)

The Colour (and gender) of power (12/10, InlLoGov)

Government’s Racial Inequality Audit Highlights BAME Injustices At Work (11/10, The CMI)

Why the accountancy sector must address its poor diversity (11/10, The Institute of Leadership & Management)

Lacking diversity (09/10, Worcester News)

Parliamentary Motion 340: Colour of Power Study on BAME representation (09/10, Parliament)

Pale, male and stale? White men run UK’s charities (6/10, ThirdForce News)

CEOs at top unitary authorities are 100% white, research reveals (05/10, Local Gov)

Unitary councils have ‘manifestly failed’ on diversity, (05/10 The Municipal Journal)

Memo to Theresa May: yet another report won’t fix race inequality (3/10, The Guardian)

PM’s ‘race disparity audit’ finds work and home ownership divide (3/10, The Guardian)

Perminder Mann: ‘quotas not the right solution’ to tackle diversity (2/10, The Bookseller)

BBC Radio Gloucester (01/10, BBC)

The Colour of Power: how collaboration is transforming our reporting (30/9, The Guardian)

The colour of the boardroom – and why it might affect the bottom line (30/9, The Guardian)

Can’t see it, don’t hear it, but this racism blights lives (30/09, The Guardian)

Why are there so few BAME leaders in Britain? – podcast (30/9, The Guardian)

‘I heard the N-word in a board meeting’: readers on race and power in the UK (29/9, The Guardian)

Britain needs more diversity to get ahead (28/9, Gulf News)

Britain’s elite is bright white- but doesn’t brilliance come in all colours? (27/09, The Guardian)

How well have racial quotas worked around the world? (27/9, The Guardian)

Simon Woolley on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show (27/9, OBV)

Missing: Minorities in top jobs (27/9, EE)

White Power Is Holding Back Britain (26/9, Huffington Post)

‘You’re talked to as if you are a junior’ – employees on workplace racism (26/9, The Guardian)

Britain’s elite is bright white – but doesn’t brilliance come in all colours? (25/9, The Guardian)

The colour of power: why is the British establishment so white? – video (25/9, The Guardian)

Snowy peak syndrome: why UK organisations remain white at the top (25/9, The Guardian)

London mayor explains the importance of laws to improve diversity (25/9, The Guardian)

Nearly 100% of UK’s most powerful people are white, research reveals (25/9, Ind)

UK top jobs almost non-existent if you’re Black or Asian (25/9, The Voice)

How did we create the list of Britain’s 1000 most powerful people? (24/9,
Exec Review)