Cabinet Members & Attendees282082 (1 Asian Man, 1 Asian Woman)
CEO/Managing Partners of Top 20 Law Firms201820
CEOs of FTSE 100969152 (2 Asian Men)
CEOs of NHS Trusts ( inc. 1 jobshare)5128231 (1 Asian Woman)
CEOs of Public Bodies2818101 (1 A/C Woman)
CEOs of Top 20 Accounting Firms211831 (1 Asian Man)
CEOs of Top 20 Advertising Agencies201911 (1 A/C Man
CEOs of Top 20 Consulting Firms201731 (1 A/C Woman)
Chairs of NHS Trusts5034162 (2 Asian Men)
CEOs of Top Charities10822 (1 Asian Man, 1 A/C Man)
Chief Constables464150
Members of Defence Council for the Armed Forces121110
Heads of the Intelligence Agencies3300
Editors of Top 10 UK Women's Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines10192 (1 Asian Woman, 1 A/C Man)
London Borough Council CEOs261790
London Borough Council Leaders271984 (4 Asian Men)
Managers of Premier League202001 (1 A/C Man)
Managing Directors of TV Broadcasters121020
Mayors231942 (1 A/C Man, 1 Asian Man)
Managing Directors of Media Agencies10462 (1 A/C Woman, 1 Asian Woman)
Metro Borough Council CEOs3218140
Metro Borough Council Leaders322841 (1 Asian Man)
Ministers8969203 (2 Asian Men, 1 A/C Man)
Newspaper Editors151320
Permanent Secretaries in the Civil Service Board131030
Police and Crime Commissioners433581 (1 Asian Man)
Leaders of Political Parties Represented in Parliament13850
CEOs of Top Publishing Firms101000
Scottish Parliament Ministers2313101 (1 Asian Man)
CEOs of National Governing Bodies of Sport151230
Supreme Court Judges111010
CEOs of Top UK Banks & Financial Institutions131210
CEOs/Leaders of Trade Unions312380
Unitary Authority Council CEOs5036140
Unitary Authority Council Leaders504192 (2 Asian Men)
Vice-Chancellors of Top 50 Universities5040103 (2 Asian Men, 1 A/C Woman)
Welsh Assembly AMs9631 (1 Asian Man)

-10 Women

-25 Asian Individuals

-12 A/C Individuals
ADJUSTED TOTAL*101678523037


[1] Taken from Legal Technology Insider’s annual survey 2016, which is based on The Lawyer 200 Annual Report.

[2] Note that 4 included in this list are not UK based – they are highlighted in the word document, and have not been included in this table.  One of these 4 (Said Darwazah, Hikma Pharmaceuticals) is BME, but has not been included in the BME list as he is not UK based.  Disclaimer – working out who is/is not UK based is not always straightforward and our findings might not be 100% accurate.

[3] 50 selected based on the trusts with the highest number of staff  included in HSJ’s ‘Best Places to Work’ 2015.

[4] Top 20 by government funding, plus other significant bodies.


[5] A/C stands for African/Caribbean

[6]  Taken from Accountancy Age’s Top 50+50 for 2016.  20 accounting firms are included, but with 21 individuals as Smith & Williamson has two CEOs.

[7] Based on Campaign’s ‘Top 100 Agencies’ 2016 (published March 2017).

[8] Taken from – The 30 best management consulting firms to work for (2015)

[9] 50 selected based on the trusts with the highest number of staff  included in HSJ’s ‘Best Places to Work’ 2015.

[10] Top 10 based on fundraising income.

[11] Top 10 based on circulation in 2016.

[12] There are 27 London Borough Councils, but Paul Martin is the CEO for both Richmond upon Thames and Wandsworth so the two are counted as one in this list. Nicholas Holgate, Kensington and Chelsea CEO, retired but there has not been a new CEO appointed

[13] Managing directors for each firm are included, except for MediaCom where the chair is equivalent to the managing director.  Therefore, Karen Blacket is the only chair included on the list. This list is based on the top 10 ranked Media Agencies in 2014 on Campaign.    

[14] The CSB is the highest level of governance in the Civil Service and is made up of senior permanent secretaries.

[15] 12 political parties are represented in Parliament after the 2017 election, but the Green Party has 2 leaders which is why 13 individuals are included in the list.

[16] Based on data from 2016 Sport England Active Lives survey and national governing bodies of sport funding reports.

[17] All unions included had at least 10,000 members, according to

[18] Taken from QS World University Rankings 2016-2017


10 individuals appear twice.  The totals in the table do not take this into account. If we consider the duplicates, the amended totals would be:
     1006 total
     795 men
     221 women