Operation Black Vote wishes to thank the following people for their brilliant help and support in the Colour of Power project and this website:

The Guardian – including Pamela Duncan, Harry Burton, Poppy Noor, Mark Rice-Oxley, Helena Bengtsson, Mike Herd, and Hugh Muir

Green Park team – including Raj Tulsiani, Joseph Williams, Louise Allerton, Nick Gower, Lee Harding, Joanne Freeman, and Dean Lynn

OBV team: led by Ashok Viswanathanan:
Lester Holloway, Teshura Adams-El, Claire Christopher, Talia Robinson, Loren J. Williams, Abigail Kass, Rafiq Maricar, Maria Pieraccioni, Peter Carty and Francine Fernandes

Funders – Esmée Fairbairn, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust